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Rabbi & Mrs. Ruven Salzman

Avodas Hakodesh Awardees

Rabbi Salzman, our beloved 6th grade Rebbe, came to Clifton Cheder with a background of nearly twenty years learning and teaching Torah in ירושלים. He is famous for his ability to bring לימוד התורה to life. In his classroom, the give and take of even complex learning is experienced, not only studied. No wonder then that Rebbe’s talmidim refer to גמרא as their favorite subject!


Rabbi Salzman serves as a role model par excellénce to all our talmidim in ’ עבודת ה and passion for Yiddishkeit. He strives to help each student develop an awareness of personal greatness and develop their relationship with השי’’ת.


Behind Rabbi Salzman is his wife Ettie, who assists her husband in every way possible, both with their children and his Cheder children.

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