Application Process

Welcome to Clifton Cheder/Bais Yaakov of Clifton. We appreciate the interest you have expressed in our מוסדות for the upcoming school year.

Should you wish to visit the school for an informal tour at some point, please do not hesitate to request one. בלי נדר, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

The following are the necessary steps to help ensure that your admissions process goes smoothly.

  1. Please complete the family and two-sided student pages of the enclosed or attached application.

  2. Please attach copies of two years of Limudei Kodesh & General Studies report cards and results of the two most recent Achievement Tests (if applicable).

  3. Mail or email the above pages to us using the addresses and numbers listed below. Applications can also be faxed to 866-518-5682.

  4. When we receive your necessary applications, we will contact you to schedule a meeting for both parents with our dean, Rabbi Lazar.

  5. Following a successful meeting אי"ה, we will arrange to have your child interviewed by members of our administrative team. Please note that there is a $100 interview fee to be paid when your child comes in for their interview.

  6. Once admission decisions have been made, בעזרת השי"ת you will receive a letter of response in the mail.


Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Tali Goldfarb in our office with any questions you may have.


We look forward to meeting with you.

Rabbi Yonah G. Lazar


Rabbi Yosef Seldowitz


Mrs. Hadassah Svei

Bais Yaakov Supervisor

Mrs. Rina Gilden

General Studies Principal, Lower Divisions

Mrs. Melissa Levit

Early Childhood Director

Rabbi Yaacov Shalom

General Studies Principal


Application for admission to the 2018-2019 Elementary program at the Clifton Cheder.



Application for admission to the 2018-2019 Early Childhood program at the Clifton Cheder.