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Rabbi & Mrs. Shmuel Bloom

Guests of Honor

Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, former Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel of America, devoted 35 years to Agudah leadership positions. Working alongside his legendary predecessor Rabbi Moshe Sherer ז"ל , Rabbi Bloom and עסקנות are now synonymous.


Never one to slow down, Rabbi Bloom currently devotes his leadership talents to projects like B’tzedek, Temech, The Siyum Hashas, Keren HaShviis, Ohr Lagolah, and most recently Torah Umesorah’s Raise Your Rebbe campaign.


Together with his devoted wife Shaindy, the Blooms now spend the bulk of their time in ירושלים where many of the Bloom children and grandchildren have settled.


Our Guests of Honor take particular pride in the growth of Clifton Cheder & Bais Yaakov of Clifton, ably led by their son in law Rabbi Yonah G. Lazar, and the Torah accomplishments of their Cheder 8th grade grandson Binyomin.

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