A Freilechen Purim from the  Cheder N’shei

Dear Clifton Cheder Family,

Please join Cheder N’shei in celebrating Purim through our new Mishloach Manos initiative! This year we hope to make Purim more enjoyable and save you some time and money, by providing a beautiful package of treats to every Cheder family, administrator and support staff member.  


By contributing, your name  will be included in the fabulous package, which will be delivered on Purim day. With this you will be Yotzei the Mitzvah of Mishloach Manos as well!


There’s no better way to support Clifton Cheder / Bais Yaakov of Clifton and strengthen the spirit of Achdus than by joining together and saying A Freilechen Purim with the Cheder N’shei!


$4.00 per family name, $36 for all administration and support staff, or $150 for your entire Cheder family.


DEADLINE to register is Thursday March 14th!! Sign up today!


Please sign up using the form below

We look forward to partnering with you and increasing Ahava V’Reus within our school.


A Freilechen Purim,

- Cheder N’shei

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