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Mr. & Mrs. Ahron Rosenfeld

Parents of the Year

Parents of the Year, Mr. and Mrs. Ahron and Alisa Rosenfeld, proud parents of our graduating talmid Effie, amply represent the Cheder’s ideals.


Well respected members of the Passaic-Clifton community, their emphasis on חסד and חינוך הבנים overshadow their numerous professional accomplishments in finance and social work, respectively.


In addition to lending their generosity to the Cheder again and again, the Rosenfelds often volunteer precious time from their busy schedules to assist the kehillah with a myriad of needs.


The Rosenfelds constantly seek opportunities to learn and grow, and thus are excellent role models for their peers. Their fine middos and understated demeanor make them the perfect choice of honorees in every sense!​

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