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Why Choose Clifton Cheder?

Addressing the Whole Child

At Clifton Cheder, we are firmly committed to helping each child achieve academic excellence, excitement for learning, and the reinforcement of their middos tovos. To accomplish this, our staff utilizes educational approaches that carefully balance academics, emotional development, and social skills. In addition, we embrace proven best educational practices that engage students and give them a deeper appreciation for the learning process.

Culture of Accountability and Respect

One can easily identify a Clifton Cheder student by the way he behaves. At the Cheder high level learning goes hand in hand with Middos Tovos. Students understand how to properly conduct themselves both in and out of school, as expectations are clear and standards are high. Talmidim are taught to be responsible for their actions, showing respect for themselves, their peers and their environment. Their commitment to good sportsmanship permeates not only their carefully supervised recess breaks but carries over into the classrooms too.

The Cheder is “one big family” where every child can belong and is made to feel welcome. 

Experienced Educators

We employ skilled administrators, rebbeim, and teachers who recognize the vitally important role of educating our students.  Our staff consistently strives to improve their teaching strategies and practices and have access to regular mentorship and support.  

Team Approach

We believe that children succeed best when parents, rebbeim, teachers and administrators work together. Through daily communication and weekly newsletters, student expectations are clearly communicated and parents stay abreast of their children’s educational lives. We thank all the parents for entrusting us with their precious children and we look forward to our continued partnership. ​

Leadership Team

Our administrators emphasize overall educational excellence and take responsibility for staff development and professional growth.  They are continuously working to improve the quality of education for students at every level.  Members of our leadership team meet with our teachers on a regular basis to provide guidance and support.  

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