Dear Clifton Cheder Family,
Please join Cheder N’shei in celebrating Purim through our Mishloach Manos initiative!
By contributing, your name will be included in a beautiful package, which will be delivered before Purim.
There’s no better way to support the Clifton Cheder/Bais Yaakov of Clifton Administration and strengthen the spirit of Achdus than by joining together and saying A Freilechen Purim with the Cheder N’shei!


       $4.00 per family name
       $36 for all Administration & Support Staff
   or $150 for everyone on the list!
To join, please fill out the form below.
DEADLINE: Wednesday, February 17th.
We look forward to partnering with you and increasing Ahava V’Reus within our school.
Please note: families are encouraged to personally recognize their children’s rebbeim, moros and teachers with a hand delivered mishloach manos in school or at their home on Purim day.
This traditional expression of hakaras hatov is the reason that classroom staff are not included in this program.
For questions, please call/text Mrs. Racheli Sukenik, 917-613-8272.
A Freilichen Purim,
- Cheder Nshei