Chanukah Staff Appreciation

Dear Parents,

The Yom Tov of Chanukah was enacted l'hodos ul'halel - to give thanks and praise. It is therefore a fitting tradition to show appreciation to our rebbeim and teachers at this time.

As in previous years, the Cheder is organizing Chanukah gelt to be presented to each staff member on your behalf. The money is presented as a gift card along with the names of the contributing families. The personal amounts are not mentioned to protect anonymity.

We recognize that due to financial constraints, we are not always able to properly express our appreciation to the individuals that educate, care for and nurture our children every day. Nevertheless, appreciation can be expressed in many ways. Please be encouraged to take a few minutes to express a heartfelt thank you to our staff. We are sure that your sincere words of gratitude will be treasured for years to come.

The suggested amounts for the Chanukah gelt are listed below.

The amounts are merely a suggestion; any amount you feel comfortable with is greatly appreciated:


Per Family:     

Rabbi Kagan              $5

Mrs. Teitz                    $5

Mrs. Levit                    $5

Mrs. Gilden                 $5

Rabbi Shalom            $5

Office staff                  $15 (to be divided)

Academic Support:   $2 (Please note: all children in grades Pre1A - 4th benefit from this service)

Nurse                           $3

Guidance Counselor $3

Academic Support Service Provider    $2

Per Child:       

Early Care, After Care & HW Club     $4  (to be divided where applicable)

Early Childhood          $30 for each Full Time Morah

                                       $15 for Full Time Assistants

                                       $4 for Floating Assistants


Bais Yaakov:                 $25 for each Morah

                                       $20 for each General Studies Teacher

        $8 for each Assistant


Boys Elementary:        $30 for each Rebbe

        $20 for each General Studies Teacher (Pre1A – 4th)

        $10 for each General Studies Teacher (5th – 8th)

                                       $8 for each Assistant                                             


Chanukah gelt payments can be processed ONLY through our website, at

All payments must be submitted by Thursday, December 19th.

For questions, please call/text Mrs. Tamar Kister at 201-314-2731.

If you would like to give a personal gift instead, please feel free to do so.

Thank you in advance and A Freilechen Chanukah!

Rabbi Yosef Seldowitz