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How can one describe success?  When we achieve success in our lives, it is so much more than the attainment of a specific goal. Success is not merely the opposite of failure, rather it is a sense of accomplishment that is achieved through determination and perseverance. The essence of success is having a strong sense of purpose, and fulfilling an objective despite facing formidable challenges. For each and every one of us, success may look different, but the feeling of achievement is something we all can share and celebrate together.

Unquestionably, this was a year ubiquitous with challenges, disappointments, and setbacks. It was also a successful year, as we kept our school doors open, accomplished great things for our children’s chinuch and education, and transitioned to a beautiful new facility that we can all be proud of.

Please join us on Tuesday, June 15th as we celebrate our successes at this year’s annual dinner, which will be held virtually and live-streamed.

We will be paying tribute to our Parents of the Year, Rabbi and Mrs. Elliot and Shira Mathias. They have dedicated their lives to kiruv and chinuch; Elliot is the current COO of Aish Global and Executive Director of Aish Hatorah NYC, and Morah Shira a beloved teacher in our Early Childhood division. They currently reside in Livingston, NJ, and staunchly support the Cheder and Bais Yaakov in so many ways. Their children, Yehuda, Aviva Ruth, Avraham Noach and Levi Yitzchak, are current students, and Binyamin and Yonasan are proud cheder alumni.

Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid and Sara Schulman will be aptly receiving the Avodas Hakodesh award. The vitality, simcha, and spirit that Rabbi Schulman infuses into his talmidim and classroom each and every day not only permeates the second grade classroom, but the entire school as well! Every staff member and student can’t help but be inspired and encouraged by Rabbi Schulman's cheerfulness, energy and simchas hachayim.

We are thrilled to bestow upon our beloved Morah Leah Compart the Teacher of the Year award. For 12 years, Morah Leah has been nurturing and fostering our youngest students to develop their skills, middos, and yiras shmayim. Our students are so fortunate to have her, and we are so grateful for the strong foundation she provides them. Parents can attest to the wonderful growth they see in their children through the warm and intuitive care and dedication provided by Morah Leah each and every day.

Please join us in paying tribute to these exemplary individuals, by placing your journal ad and dinner reservation today, and looking forward to having you join us on June 15th for what is sure to be an inspirational and memorable event.

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