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The way we have all come together to provide for our children is historic, monumental and something to be very proud of!

Parents have come together with Rebbeim, Moros & Teachers to keep Torah chinuch strong.

Our administration has come together with students, teachers and parents in soliciting critical and supportive feedback, enabling great accomplishments despite restrictive conditions.

We have all come together as a school and navigated the past months with positivity and growth!

Now it is time to come together and celebrate the unison of our response with a family celebration!

This year, our annual (virtual) dinner will celebrate how we have come together!

At this family celebration, we will be paying tribute to every parent for their unprecedented partnership and support, enabling us to nurture children from afar, while simultaneously paying tribute to every Rebbe, Morah and Teacher for their inspiring efforts, sacrifice and accomplishments during remote learning. 


It will be"H be an evening to enjoy, full of appreciation all around.

Our Guests of Honor this year are Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Anita Milch.

Jerry and Anita have been proud Cheder grandparents for over a decade and have been a consistent source of wise counsel and support over the years. With a long history of community service, their grandchildren Shmuel Yair and Tzofia Litman along with all our תלמידים and תלמידות can look to our Guests of Honor as individuals to emulate and mold their own aspirations after.

We will also be taking this opportunity to bestow Rabbi Yehudah Leib Alter with a Harbatzas Hatorah Award. 

As our beloved first grade Rebbe, Rabbi Alter has lovingly introduced four years of Cheder תלמידים to their first Chumash and has successfully inspired them in אהבת התורה while gifting them with the skills needed for a lifelong occupation of לימוד התורה. We join in both appreciation and farewell to Rabbi Alter as he continues his successful career of הרבצת התורה on the other side of the Hudson river. 

Please join us for an evening not to be missed!

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